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Cindy has a drive for authentic, free-flowing storytelling backed up by training and intuition. She brings both an instinctual play and detailed analysis to all her roles.

Before this, she worked as a geophysicist, travelling across Australia and other countries, and being challenged in a multitude of ways from off-road driving to swinging sledgehammers 200 times a day. It was good while it lasted but acting is her one true endeavour.

Cindy, having grown up with very little Asian representation in media, has a passion for partaking in the goal of more authentic POC representation. Her experience of telling immigrant stories written by POC writers has only deepened this cause.

She comes off from the tracks, shooting an independent feature film, The Fourth Man, which is due to release in 2024.

Cindy will be directing for the first time for the upcoming Short and Sweet Play Festival Sydney. Keep an eye out in this space for updates!

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